The new era of jaw surgery.

What is so special about Piezosurgery®?

Whether bone augmentation, tooth removal or implant preparation: With the ultrasound technology of Piezosurgery®, jaw bones can be processed with the utmost precision. The treatment area thus remains largely blood-free and nerves and vessels unharmed.

This reduces pain, swelling and secondary bleeding, reduces the risk of complications and accelerates healing. In addition, dental implants, for example, grow better into the jawbone after insertion.

All in all, Piezosurgery® enables the treating staff to work more safely and patients to be treated much more gently. And best of all, all the benefits of the technology have been proven in over 250 clinical studies.

How Piezosurgery® works:

Piezosurgery® uses ultrasound technology in combination with a wide range of instruments: cutting instruments ensure gentle and precisely defined bone incisions, for example for implant bed preparations or in the transplantation of autologous bone. Grinding instruments help with precise controlled processing of the bones themselves. And for soft tissue there are the non-cutting instruments.

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